Each and every Bauma Company, like any company anywhere, is actually its people. Company is People. If all of its people have a good attitude and behaviour, are honest, competent and responsible, productive and disciplined, vigilant, sober, innovative and creative, always passionate and willing to learn something new and enhance their capability and knowledge about any specific matter within the job description, scope of duties and responsibilities, have deep loyalty and sense of belonging to Bauma Company during good and hard times, always have great ideas about how to provide the customers with better products, services and ways of doing businesses and the strong leadership qualities, then the respective Bauma Company already has 99% of reasons to succeed to the fullest.

Each and every Bauma Company in Bauma Group should always proactively and consistently foster healthy competition among its own people and other Bauma Companies for the sake of the respective Bauma Company, Bauma Group and its people.

Each and every Bauma Company in Bauma Group will not tolerate internal intrigues, hatred or instigation or provocation among its people that may weaken or severely damage the respective Bauma Company, Bauma Group and its people.

Potential Problems & Challenges

The road to accomplish the Mission will be absolutely a very tough one, full of potential risks, turmoils, dangers, conflicts, intrigues, disagreements, disputes, discrepancies, sabotages, betrayals, crisis and uncertainties, that may come from inside or outside of any Bauma Company or Bauma Group, but people in all Bauma Companies in Bauma Group should not be worried, discouraged or scared. These things are the inevitable problems, challenges and situations that would definitely happen in different kinds of cases or magnitude, to anybody, any party or any organization in the world regardless of who, what and where they are. The single most important task of the top management of every Bauma Company and the Chairman of Bauma Group is to make sure that the respective Bauma Company and the Bauma Group will survive with its strong leadership under all the foregoing circumstances. Always focus on the business and the good customers. Always conduct the business in an honest and professional fashion. Always undertake extraordinary and relentless effort until any and every problem is solved. Win every single competition or opportunity to make sure that it would be the Bauma Company that would become the winner and survivor.

Down the road, Bauma Group believes that some of the current specialized Bauma Companies would be successful, some would be extremely successful, although some, for whatever reason, might unfortunately fail or become dormant or stagnant and therefore such companies would need to be restructured. Constant evaluation and necessary adjustment may become a mantra in search for better ways, results and future in the era of globalization where the world is full of constant changes, fierce competitions, turmoils and uncertainties. Although there are and would be so many problems and challenges, it is indeed very encouraging that huge business opportunities in general would be also emerging as a result of free trade and globalization and consistent development of technologies that have enabled "real time" information, communication and transactions, and, made our world borderless and become one.


To the strong leaders and the outstanding, productive, honest and loyal officers / staffs / employees, who shall have continuously proved themselves through their significant contribution to the spectacular growth, success and profit of the respective Bauma Company(ies) and Bauma Group from time to time, the respective Bauma Company shall offer a generous reward, a second to none if and when compared with/among their peers' in the market.