Brief History

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BAUMA® *) is the registered company name of PT BAUMA (formerly known as PT BAUMA PRATAMA INDONESIA. which name has been changed to PT BAUMA effective from June 12, 2003 with the then Decree of the Minister of Laws and Human Rights of Republic Indonesia), the first Bauma Company in Indonesia, that was founded in August 21, 1980 (37 years ago) by Mr. Suwandi Muljadi (a.k.a Mr. Ir. H.M. Suwandi Muljadi) **) (an alumni of CC72 (Canisius College-Jakarta, 1972 and a Civil Engineer Graduate from Parahyangan Catholic University, Bandung, Indonesia, who is the current Group Chairman of Bauma Group). He is one of the two Co-Founders of PT BAUMA. The other Co-Founder is Ms. Ir. Dih Hui (an alumni of St. Angela - Bandung, 1973 and also a Civil Engineer Graduate from Parahyangan Catholic University, Bandung, Indonesia), who later on became his wife.

The BAUMA® Name derives from 2 (two) words: BAU and MA and simply was created to embody and accomodate the 2 (two) basic meanings/qualities/ spirits/expectations which are (1) "SMELL HORSE" (Hard Working Ethos) and (2) "SMELL MONEY" (Being Wealthy) into 1 (one) strong combined wording BAUMA®.

Bauma Group started its business as a general supplier to the hotel industry. Later on, Bauma Group has become several more Bauma Companies that have been distributing a lot of mechanical, electrical and electronic products. Starting from 1991, it also has become an expert in sophisticated, secure and reliable Plastic Card personalization business and secure Credit, Debit, and ID Card business and smart card solutions. Today Bauma Group has grown itself into many specialized Bauma Companies that each of them only focuses in the business defined or described in its Company name.

*) "BAU" in Indonesian, means "SMELL" in English, "MA" in Chinese, means "HORSE" in English. Mr.Suwandi Muljadi, a prominent Indonesian Chinese businessman, was born in the Year of the HORSE (HORSE=MA) of the year 1954 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The wording MA is also the first part of "MA-NI", a very special wording to Mr.Suwandi Muljadi. It really is since when MANI is pronounced in Indonesian, it sounds exactly the same as MONEY when pronounced in English. The fact is, all the 2 (two) basic meanings/qualities/ spirits/expectations of SMELL HORSE and SMELL MONEY, are inherent/coherent in Mr.Suwandi Muljadi's or Mr. THE HOO GWAN's Year of Birth (Year of birth: HORSE) and Name (GWAN=MONEY) and they have been persistently being practiced in his daily life and reflected in his character and personality even from his very early days during his youth until now. So, since the 1st day of incorporation of PT BAUMA, all the people from the past, present time and in the future working for Bauma Group were, are and shall be supposed and expected always to work very hard and be strong like a Stallion (adult male horse), Mr.Suwandi Muljadi firmly believes that only by so doing, the Bauma Group and its people shall be able to achieve a lot of great things and success in business and personal life, accumulate wealth, earn the freedom, independence and respect from and become a magnate and an inspiration to many people.

**) Mr.Suwandi Muljadi (THE HOO GWAN 郑 和 元) is in the midst of process of tracing back his ancestors/forefathers - back to the days of the Empire in mainland China several hundreds years ago. One fact: The new Family name of ZHENG=CHENG=郑 of Admiral ZHENG HE (CHENG HO 郑 和) (his previous name was MA HE), a member of HUI Ethnic Community in Yunnan Province who was world famous for his Great Armada of Treasure Fleet/Seven Expeditions to the Western Oceans (1405-1433), was bestowed on him by the Yongle Emperor Zhudi, the Third Emperor from Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). If the Yongle Emperor Zhudi personally chose for and bestowed on Admiral ZHENG HE (his previous name was MA HE) the Family Name ZHENG=THE=郑, in order to respect and honour him, then there should be a good reason from the Yongle Emperor Zhudi to do this, or, in other words the Family Name ZHENG=THE=郑 should be a highly respected one adopted from the name of the then still existing ZHENG country which was part/under the rule of Ming Empire, whose past or the then current leaders or generals or warriors (whose all family name of course the same = "ZHENG"), were among the greatest, bravest and most famous ones throughout the then existing Ming Empire's vast territory. Mr.Suwandi Muljadi's Chinese Family Name THE (郑) is exactly the same with Family Name ZHENG (郑) above. It is a coincidence that the Chinese character in the second name HE (和) in the name of ZHENG HE (CHENG HO) is exactly the same with HOO (和 = FRIENDSHIP, PEACEFUL, TO COORDINATE) in Mr. Suwandi Muljadi's Chinese name THE HOO GWAN. Mr. Suwandi Muljadi personally believes that the wordings of "THE", "HOO", "GWAN", "MA" and "HUI", have a very deep meaning and great influence onto his business and personal life.




Last Updated: February 2018